Wednesday, 26 August 2009

"There's no such thing as Rockstars, There's just people who play music,"

Title lyric from Try This At Home - Frank Turner from the forthcoming album Poetry for the deed.

Now as I usually say at this point, it's been a while since I've blogged, and thats pretty much down to all the stuff I always say. I then generally ramble on about my depresssion and blah blah blah zzzz. I'm sure thats why no one reads this!

So today I'm going to talk about something that generally enables me to be human.... Music. Especially music that people might've heard and is relatively new (well generally this year) which has really perked my attention.

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
I picked up on The Gaslight Anthem due to trawling the net for Springsteen stuff, and seeing that Frank Turner opened fro them. Their latest album, The '59 Sound, is a real corker... They sound like current american indie/rock, but with a sense of the boss being in there as well. You only need to listen to Meet Me by the Rivers Edge and here the line "No Surrender my Bobby Jean" to get that feeling. It's present in other places in the album too, just a little more subtle. Unfortunately I missed them touring, and even worse missed them at Hard Rock Calling when Bruce surprised them... You cannot believe how gutted I was. Needless to say I'll be seeing them next time around.

Westbound Train - Come and Get It
This was an Outlaw Anthem on the Punk Rock Show on Radio 1, and I fell for the title track the minute I heard it. I've always been a ska fan, no doubt due to the Trombonist lurking in me. I was highly impressed that there were bands making Ska which sounded closer in tone to First and Second wave ska instead of playing 3rd Wave ska/punk. It's all there, organ, brass and lyrics that are just to die for.

Bright Light Ballads - Howard Elliot Payne
I picked up this from the iTunes Single of the week, which was the track Dangling Threads. The album itself is a folk classic, and begs to be listened to whilst decked out on a patch of grass somewhere with a cold drink. It's relaxing, and insightful and adds a nice end of the day coda to some of the manic summer.

Grey Britain - Gallows
Beware... This is an ANGRY F@£%$NG ALBUM. More vitriol and rage from one of the UK's best Hardcore bands. As much as I love this album, you need to be hacked off to listen to it. Play it when you're in a good mood and you'll be pounding holes in the wall by the end. Despite that it's still a top album and shows how the UK still has a thriving hardcore scene.

Let The Dominoes Fall - Rancid
A true Punk album, full of bombastic blasting songs. Whilst the album itself clocks in at 19 Tracks many of these are sub 3 minute punk gems. As fell as flexing the punk muscles they know so well, Rancid have gone beyond to include, dub, reggae, folk country, and not surprisingly a touch of Ska (following Armstrong and Freeman's time with Operation Ivy in the late 80's).
Not only is the album full of energy and blistering attitude, it's also a very political, proving that Rancid are still as strong as ever. Some might draw parallels between Rancid and fellow California punk act Greenday... But where Greenday have risen to massive stadium tours and anthemic pseudo-political M.O.R tripe like American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, Rancid have stuck to their roots and produced one fucking awesome record!

It was either this or Football - Kid British
I picked this whilst browsing in HMV... it's rare for me to buy an album and give it a chance based on the cover. I'm glad I did with this one. Rather than the traditional album format, these boys are releasing it in 2 half's, each one worth the fiver they cost. Certainly aimed more at the UK charts, these cheeky chappies from Manchester have eschewed the trend of Indie bands, and do not own skinny jeans, a cardigan and have floppy curly hair. Instead they play their own brand of pop/indie/ska/reggea all with an urban twinge and their tongue firmly lodged in their cheeks. Our house is dadless has chart success written all over it, as they joyfully sample Madness Our House, and throwing their own clever lyric above. Part Time Job Shirt/Shirt and Tie will appeal to those trying to find temp work and also trying to achieve some goals and is the standout track on the first half... look out a 2nd half review soon.

Well I think thats enough to be going on with... No doubt there will some more reviews on here soon, as I'll making my thoughts known on Poetry Of The Deed by Frank Turner. Very excited abou this... Heard 3 songs so far and have loved every single one. Also I'm trying to get my hands on Ursa Major by Third Eye Blind. I've heard the single and absolutely love it so far but no where has it in stock!

I'll also be popping up some reviews of other bits and pieces that have come my way.

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