Wednesday, 1 April 2009

"I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. That, or Duder. His Dudeness. Or El Duderino, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing"

Hey Guys...

I'm sure some of you will recognise the words above me, so I'll not explain them.  If you don't get them and and want to know what they mean, then you need to FIND OUT.

Now, the adventures of The Dude, Mr Sobchak, and Donny have nothing to do with my blog, except that my week started with my First 500 series at bowling.  I know this doesn't mean a great deal to most people, but for me, this is a stepping stone in my bowling prowess.  Not only did I bowl my first 200+ game in a league match (despite me bowling 4 or 5 in the summer months), but I also managed to follow it with a 173, and a 134.  Not huge scores, but my best league series yet.

This is a big achievement as recently I've been struggling with my game, and because of it my mental game has suffered and vice versa.   A chance chat with the ball Svengali Blacky, whilst I was complaining that my hook was still bad, lead to him watching me bowl a few, and giving me one or 2 pointers.  Sunday, following his advice, I'm getting more hook, and hitting the pocket and picking up my spares more consistently.  

But the big key to this, Faith.  

Following the tips I'd been given, I was more confident that my swing and release needed to do a certain thing...  Once I'd thrown the ball, (despite the heavy oil), I could see it hooking more and also was more confident of my positioning for the strike.  I was also better equipped to accept the "should've beens" that occur even when the technique is pretty near perfect (check how big headed I am...unusual no?).  There are occasions, even with me, where I'll get a pocket ball, right angle of entry and plenty of speed, which despite looking and sounding good, leaves one pesky pin standing.  It's easy to get frustrated and this can ruin picking up the spare, or your next frame.  The fact of the matter is that unusual things happen... and they also occur in your favour.

For each near strike I had, you can bet I had one or two strikes which were no where near perfect, but they all fell down due to luck.

I'm currently in a place where my mental game has gone to pot outside of work as well.  I've been going through a vicious cycle of feeling low, and this making me tired, which makes me lazy, which depresses me, which makes me tired, which makes me lazy.  

It's not quite as easy as fixing a bowling swing, but sometimes asking for a bit of help,  might make all the difference, especially as there is a chance that the solution might be lot more simple than you think.  1 small change can improve your mental game, which improves your physical game, which proves you can do it, which improves your mental game.

Before you know it it, the pins are falling exactly how you'd hope, your score has improved and you're beating your own personal best!

Following the Dude's revelation at the top, I'll finish on another couple of bits of philosophy produced by him and Walter.

From the Dude; "The Dude Abides".  Can't say it any clearer... Life is life. Hang in and take it as it comes.

From Walter; "Fuck It Dude, lets go bowling".  Sounds like an excellent plan.  Where'd I put my shoes.....

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