Tuesday, 24 March 2009



Today is one of those days, I've got a lot of work going, which despite working through I still feel like I'm lagging behind, (IF any of my managers or colleagues are reading this... I FEEL like I'm lagging, This doesn't mean that I'm not working my socks off!)

On days like these it's imperative to find some musical accompaniment to drive the day along. Well it is for me anyway... rarely a day goes by when I don't make some use of headphones, which I'm sure the people around me are thankful for, as I do listen to some weird and wonderful things!

It's funny how certain songs can provoke feelings and thoughts which may lay dormant for long periods and yet, their opening bars are an instantanious mental trigger taking you back to another time. This is not entirely true of songs which you listened to at that particular time, but can also be produced by new songs...

One such artist that produces these thoughts deep inside me is a guy called Frank Turner. Ex vocalist of Million Dead turned Folk Genius/Hero, and thouroughly great songsmith.

His latest album is full of songs of Heartbreak, love, idealism and life and is going to be on repeat for most of the summer! If you haven't coma across him, Check Out the album, Love, Ire and Song.

One of the songs has a chorus line that everyone should try and hold true at least once a day. "I won't sit down, and I won't Shut Up, and Most of all I Won't Grow Up".

I liek the sounds of that!

Well, I'm Not Sitting Down, And I'm not Shutting Up, and there's not a hope in Hell I'll grow up anymore... even when I become a parent I won't behave in a different manner to how I do now!

My poor kids!!! hahahahahahah!

Anyways, I think i might've gone off thread and got a bit lost, but never mind!

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