Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"months, Post Christmas, and Back into this blogging game

As you may have noticed (if any of you were looking to begin with), that I haven't written for a short while. (Yeah ok, so it was the best part of 2 months... Who's counting?)

Since the Joy of Hawaii has definitely diminished, although it took until after Christmas for this to occur, I've been feeling a bit flat. There's so much I mean to do and never get around to doing, it's very frustrating. Couple this with my mental state being occasionally fragile and as you might guess, I've been fun to live with, so my Hat (probably my Grey Flat cap, as it's my favourite) goes off to Kirsty for keeping me sane, hugs'n'stuff and generally putting up with the nonsense that goes her way!

I'm in a position where I'm going to need nagging about certain things that I need to complete in the next few months.... Some won't be of interest to anyone but me and Kirsty, and others might be interesting, but nag away as I need all the help I can get. These things are:
  • Kitchen. I need to unleash my spirit of demolition and knock the wall down, and then put the new units in.
  • Garden. I've got a huge pile of decking which once is layed, I can spend my summer cooking BBQ food for my mates, family members and anyone who wanders past and fancies a burger and brewski.
  • Book. I've had a structure for a novel for ages, which I keep changing roaund a bit. Until I get some written and commented on , I've no idea if it's even worth persuing so better get some written.
  • Pictures. I took some fab pictures in Hawaii, which has told me I need to get out and take more.

That'll do too begin with, but remember people Nag Nag Nag!


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