Monday, 23 February 2009

Having the Munchies...

Just recently I've been having a huge case of the munchies for all sorts of things, (I'd just like to point out that these aren't munchies caused by inhalation of funny smoke of any kind). This has lead me to some vague plans of things to do this year whilst enjoying the sun :)

Camping - I have a massive case of the camp munchies. I can't wait for that day to pack up the car, and drive out for some enjoyable beside the fire/BBQ chatting that will no doubt occur. I have a few provisos for this year though. I'd like an open fire which I can cook on/in. I have some truly amazing ideas for camp food, so will be trying this.

Walking - I've got out of the habit of walking around looking at the countryside. I'm sure it stems from th many walks I went on as a small child where I'd get a bit bored by the scenery, find a stick and use it as some kind've gun.

Surfing - I've tried surfing a fair few times in the past. But due to Bob and other things haven't been for several years, and feel the urge to get back in the water!

Motorbike - I'd like to get my Bike Test passed this year, so I can ride something bigger than 100cc (which can be a bit limited) and also take a passenger (so Kirsty and I don't always need to take a car). I might be able to merge camping with motorcycling for some sort of uber weekend trip!

As it is, I think the camping will be first! Now where did I put my firesteel??


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