Friday, 12 December 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain, 108 types of beer and yet more Rain

Evening all,

Had a slightly strange day today. Woke up before 7 to heavy rain and plenty of dark clouds. At 7 we phoned the Pipe masters pro line to see if the contest was cancelled, which it was due to inclement weather and lacking surf. As we couldn't go to pipe, we hung around for a while and then braved the downpour for some shopping and a wander.

We Got Soaked! Bright idea of ours to go to the shops. As it was we managed to get a few bits and pieces we were after. Later on the rain subsided to allow us to visit Royal Hawaiian Walk. Uh huh, more shops... Still had a good afternoon before the rain started again! Headed back to the hotel room, relaxed for a bit before heading down to the managers reception... Seriously strong cocktails!

Headed to the Yard House for dinner and was amazed by the 108 draft beers available. Tried some of the local brews which were surprising and very tasty. Several pints later and we're back after a very good dinner :)

Anyways more tomorrow.



Nick Coulson said...

What beers have you been sampling brah?? Glad to hear the managers reception is being appreciated properly - may have to resurrect Cider Friday's at this rate!! x

porridge2 said...

Seriously strong cocktails and 108 draft beers....surprised you even realised it was raining !!
Remember, alcohol is a food group and if the cocktails had friut in them then 5 a day forms part of a healthy diet.
Shame the weather washed out the pipe yesterday but hope it's good today and the surf's up (good album !)
TDM or Daytona ??? mmmm

mamma pat said...

Love the pic's - hope the weather's improved? - Are you leading my daughter astray with all these cock-tails!!! and all these beers - shame on you son-in-law!!!! Love mamma pat XXX