Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pipeline, The Iron Finger and one US Traffic Violation

Hey Everybody,

Had a good day today... Cooked breakfast, nice drive out to The North Shore, (Waimea was flat though). Ditched the car at the side of the road. Got to Pipe, called Jason from Billabong and got our VIP passes, and freebee's (towels and hats). Watched almost all of the heats, saw Kelly Slater dominate and move through to the next round. Also saw Bruce Irons get knocked out after an epic last wave, than laughed at his response to the judges... flashing them his middle finger and calling them all w@nkers!

Left just as the last heat was finishing and walked back to our car, finding a parking ticket for $50 on our windscreen, aren't I lucky!

Back to the hotel and found our complimentary bottle of champagne, so we might drink that before heading out for more drinks :)

Catch you soon,



Nick Coulson said...

Haha good ol' AI!! Hope you're having a fantastic time and you don't get any more parking violations!!x

Kate said...

Sounds like you're having afab time - try not to forget us poor sods here in the -3 temperatures :)