Monday, 15 December 2008

More rain, a marathon and 24 hours of travel...

Evening, Afternoon or Good Morning everybody (yes my body is that confused)...

Kirsty and I are finally back home... and it's bloody FREEZING!  Why can't we be back in Honolulu???  Both feeling pretty tired and in need of some sleep and some food.  The flights were long and boring, as was the layover in LAX (it's a dump).

You know I can't think of anything else to say so I'm off.  I'll write more when I have better control of my faculities!!


Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Honolulu City Court House, Pipeline Finals, yet more rain and a drinks cup shaped like a pineapple...

Morning All,

This is a slightly tardy blog as I forgot yesterday! We had an awesome, if slightly strange day... Started by going to the Honolulu City Court House to pay our parking ticket. 30 minutes and $50 later we were all done.

We then headed across the island towards The North Shore to watch the quarters, semi's and final. Some good contests throughout the day, highlights being the Kelly Slater and Timmy Reyes semi, where Kelly looked like he was finished until his second to last wave.

We both felt bad for Andy Irons as he went out in the quarters by a 0.1 of a point. Also Kamelai Alexander did amazingly well, and was one of the last Hawaiians in the competition along with Jamie O'Brien.

We went up to Billabong house for a look around, but the place was fairly dead so we headed back down the beach to watch the final. The final between Kelly Slater and Chris Ward was enjoyable to watch, despite the surf dropping and them struggling for waves.

After the final and the entire crowd mobbing Kelly Slater as he came out of the sea, we headed back to the car (no ticket!!!) and made our way back to the room to go for a swim.

Dinner was had at a restaurant called Cheeseburger (yes really), where the cocktails were served in Pineapples and the waiting staff all wore grass skirts. Whilst eating dinner, the heavens opened yet again, and we watched the rain, thunder and lightning whilst discussing our lacking suntans!

See i told you today wasn't as interesting.


Friday, 12 December 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain, 108 types of beer and yet more Rain

Evening all,

Had a slightly strange day today. Woke up before 7 to heavy rain and plenty of dark clouds. At 7 we phoned the Pipe masters pro line to see if the contest was cancelled, which it was due to inclement weather and lacking surf. As we couldn't go to pipe, we hung around for a while and then braved the downpour for some shopping and a wander.

We Got Soaked! Bright idea of ours to go to the shops. As it was we managed to get a few bits and pieces we were after. Later on the rain subsided to allow us to visit Royal Hawaiian Walk. Uh huh, more shops... Still had a good afternoon before the rain started again! Headed back to the hotel room, relaxed for a bit before heading down to the managers reception... Seriously strong cocktails!

Headed to the Yard House for dinner and was amazed by the 108 draft beers available. Tried some of the local brews which were surprising and very tasty. Several pints later and we're back after a very good dinner :)

Anyways more tomorrow.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pipeline, The Iron Finger and one US Traffic Violation

Hey Everybody,

Had a good day today... Cooked breakfast, nice drive out to The North Shore, (Waimea was flat though). Ditched the car at the side of the road. Got to Pipe, called Jason from Billabong and got our VIP passes, and freebee's (towels and hats). Watched almost all of the heats, saw Kelly Slater dominate and move through to the next round. Also saw Bruce Irons get knocked out after an epic last wave, than laughed at his response to the judges... flashing them his middle finger and calling them all w@nkers!

Left just as the last heat was finishing and walked back to our car, finding a parking ticket for $50 on our windscreen, aren't I lucky!

Back to the hotel and found our complimentary bottle of champagne, so we might drink that before heading out for more drinks :)

Catch you soon,


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Arrival, Getting lost in Honolulu and the joy of LAX

Hey Everyone... after several million hours, we're here!! Ok, Several million might be a bit OTT, but thats what it felt like. The flight from Heathrow to LAX was very long, but not too bad from a comfort point of view due to some spare seats. That was all well and good until we got to LAX. Going through US immigration was easier that I thought it would be, as was checking the bags through for Honolulu. The fun came going through security to get onto the Honolulu flight. The guards were sullen to say the least, and everyone got told off for something!! Ah well, it's an experience.

The Honolulu flight was far less enjoyable. No leg room, no body room and the plane broke before we took off so we were sat on the runway for 30 minutes whilst they fixed it. We then spent 5.5 hours with cramp before arriving in HL. Getting the car was easy, getting lost wasn't as easy and not the best fun, but we finally got to the hotel and checked....

So... 30 hours of travel in total, a slight detour around downtown HL and we made it!


Monday, 8 December 2008

Proper Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Packing

Hey everyone.  I'm currently sat amidst the carnage and detritus of Kirsty's and my stuff trying to pack our bags before heading towards O'Ahu for our holiday and to watch the Pipe Masters.  All we ll and good, apart from...  I still haven't packed.  I still haven't even got all my clothes dry.  And I can't find my bleeding flip flops which is driving me up the wall.  I better get searching then!!

Next time I post, I'll either be on a plane (if they've got net connection), or in Hawaii.